Bridge Detailing 2.0: Computational Modeling Methods Using Civil 3D, Revit, and Dynamo

  • Civil 3D offers the most relevant tools for ‘linear’ element and earthworks design. By using shared project data shortcuts to alignment and surface content, the bridge model geometry is linked to the alignment design and other multidisciplinary project content.
  • Revit outputs provide parametric object modeling, as well as schedule and 2D drawing content creation.

A Real-World Case Study

The Site

The Workflow


  • The ability to work directly with an open instance of Civil 3D, pulling data into Dynamo in a live fashion for immediate updates
  • The ability to read corridor features including alignments, auto-corridor feature lines, and assembly shapes
  • Placement of Revit elements according to feature line information
  • Lofting of assembly shapes into smooth mass solids with no faceting/tessellation
  • Creation of AutoCAD entities
  • Sending commands to the Civil 3D command line and creation of command line scripts

Element Breakdown

Modeling Method

Subassembly Composer


  • Go to Apps & Features in the Windows settings/Control Panel
  • Find the relevant installation of Civil 3D
  • ‘Modify’ the installation, and add the Composer when prompted

Step 1: Creating Parameters

Step 2: Adding Points and Links

  • Points define the basic structure, and when coded, produce auto-corridor feature lines
  • Links connect points, and when coded, produce surfaces
  • Shapes are defined by a closed region of links, and may be extracted into solids

Step 3: Defining Variables




Entrepreneuring | curious thinker | technology advisor | photographer at stories by AMG | CTO of paradigm IT |

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Aashish Mathew George

Aashish Mathew George

Entrepreneuring | curious thinker | technology advisor | photographer at stories by AMG | CTO of paradigm IT |

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